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Here are some of the cloud products and services that we can provide.

Microsoft 365 Secure

Microsoft 365 is an irresistible target for cybercriminals. Recently, they’ve shifted their efforts to target SMBs that are unprepared, seeking out easy opportunities for huge financial gain. For instance, one in ten global Microsoft 365 customers were targeted by a widespread phishing campaign last year. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s built-in security failed to identify that an attached SharePoint file was malicious, leaving 10% of its user-base vulnerable and open to attack.

- Microsoft’s built-in security solutions – such as Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP).

-Vade Secure, which defends against advanced spearphishing, malware and ransomware attacks with global threat intelligence to predict zero-day threats. Bolts onto Exchange Online Protection.

- Acronis unlimited backup storage with cloud-to-cloud daily backups. All data is fully encrypted in transit and at rest, with point-in-time mailbox restoration.

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business Comparison

Microsoft 365 gives you the freedom to be productive wherever, whenever, using familiar Office apps. With the ability to easily access, edit and share your files from any device, you can get work done in the office and on the go, online or off.

Advanced Email Security by Vade Secure

The key to your Office 365 environment is to take a layered security approach. While Office 365’s native security features catch most mass spam waves and known threats, they don’t provide sufficient protection against advanced phishing and spear phishing attacks, as well as unknown malware.

Acronis Office 365 Mailbox Backup

Protecting your mailbox against real-time cyber threats is more important now than ever. Educating your employees on how to spot a malicious email can be particularly difficult and a significant strain on your resources, particularly when cyber criminals are using much more refined and advanced techniques to target businesses – large or small.

SkyKick Cloud Backup for Office 365

SkyKick Cloud Backup is a market-leading backup solution that helps protect your Office 365 data. Featuring unlimited backup storage, powerful search mechanics and one-click data restore, it’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to get your productivity back on track.


DeliverySlip provides an Email Encryption feature so that you can send, receive and track secure corporate messages and attachments using any existing email address or platform. With DeliverySlip you'll also benefit from an advance message control and a delivery slip feature, the ability to send secure large files up to 5GBs quickly and know in real time when and how information was received.

Go Sitebuilder d.i.y. website

We always recommend that you use our services as a professional website builder but, if you really want to do it yourself, this is the solution we recommend.

We always recommend that you use the services of a professional website builder but, if you really want to do it yourself, this is the solution we recommend.

Attix Offsite Data Backup

Attix provides an excellent, automated and secure daily backup of your critical data, providing disaster recovery of all your data to a new location, or recovery of individual files or folders following machine failure, malicious activity or human error. 

Microsoft 365 Business

When you need access to online and offline features for between 1 and 300 users, Microsoft 365 Business is the most cost-effective option. It broadens your scope for productivity with Office for Desktop or web apps, and still offers 1TB per user of storage space in OneDrive for Business.

Microsoft 365 Secure Comparison

We’re always thinking of new ways we can help you get the most out of value-added services. It’s why we’ve created a new product that protects your business from both ends of the spectrum. With Microsoft 365 Secure, your users receive a multi-layered approach to secure their data.

Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365

Exclaimer is easy to use, professional email signature software that’s designed for Office 365. It works by using your company’s Office 365 Directory to pull through your contact details and attach it to all outbound or inbound emails from your mailbox.

Nimble CRM

Nimble is the smart and simple social sales and marketing tool that’s perfect for the small business user. It works by building a CRM system around the way you work, creating intelligent ways for you to engage with customers at any point of the sales funnel.

Document Management

Go paperless with 24/7 secure, anywhere file access
Document Management enables you to safely and securely store online documents in a cloud-based system and access them from any location, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The award-winning solution makes it easy to upload confidential and sensitive documents in the cloud, such as invoices, receipts and personal employee information for tax purposes.

Acronis Files Cloud

As an easy-to-use file sync and share solution, Files Cloud gives you access to files wherever you are and whenever you need it. Developed by the award-winning security backup vendor Acronis, it’s designed for small to medium-sized businesses and is widely described as the best alternative to Dropbox Business.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is easily scalable, enabled for business growth, and provides economical value. By using virtual servers, which are stored securely in Microsoft managed data centres, you have access to automated backup and disaster recovery options, the ability to scale up in order to meet demand, along with enhanced storage solutions to meet your business needs.
Office 365, Dynamics 365, and EM+S work seamlessly with Hosted Azure.

Cloud Server

Powered by Azure, with a fixed monthly cost. A range of pre-configured cloud servers that can be provisioned quickly and simply.

UK based cloud storage that can save pounds compared to an on-site server, with the security, flexibility and reliability of Microsoft's Azure, but none of the complexity or unpredictability of cost.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is an audio and HD video conferencing tool enabling businesses to meet over the internet from anywhere in the world. Natively included in Office 365 subscriptions, the features available in Teams vary between Business and Enterprise plans with Phone System, Calling Plan and Audio Conferencing available to purchase separately as add-ons.
With seamless integration for Outlook, Teams gives you instant access to meetings by allowing you to schedule them directly within your business calendars. Featuring enterprise-grade security, you can be assured any internal or external conversations are safe and secure.


usecure is the ultimate cyber security awareness training tool for your business. usecure delivers the most admin-lite and cost-effective solution for reducing insider threats and driving secure user behaviour, achieved through these five essential features: Raise security awareness; Reduce phishing vulnerability; Identify exposed emails; Simplify policy management; Calculate overall human risk.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Discover the best-in-class triple package with Microsoft 365 Bringing together Office 365, Windows 10 Pro Security and the best of Enterprise + Mobility, Microsoft 365 helps you to build a successful business by giving you the productivity tools you need, anytime and anywhere.
Support your GDPR compliance

Microsoft 365 Business Voice direct with Gamma

Many businesses utilising Microsoft Teams for internal collaboration can now benefit from the ability to make and receive calls by enabling Teams as a full cloud-based UC solution with enterprise grade telephony.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a cloud-based phone system built for productivity. Seamlessly integrated into Office 365, Microsoft 365 Business Voice is an all-in-one communication solution that brings voice calling, meetings, and messaging together in a single application, on any device, with Microsoft Teams.

Panda Security

Panda supply a range of excellent security products for automating prevention, detection, containment and response against any present or future advanced attacks, zero-day malware, ransomware, phishing, memory exploits and malwareless attacks. Other Panda Security products provide: full encryption, data control, email protection and advanced reporting.


Bitdefender has consistently ranked highly for its performance, usability and protection amongst industry experts, protecting 500 million devices every single day. Its proven track record from numerous accolades means it is one of the best and most recommended anti-virus products on the market.


TitanHQ protects you from malware, ransomware, phishing, viruses, botnets and other cyber threats. Its email and web security solutions identify more than 100,000 new malware sites every single day via the threat intelligence database of 650 million users. is an umbrella term for a family of security products that can be provisioned by your IT team in the cloud. Through the family, Email & Web Security encompasses three main products and two add-ons – all of which help to protect your mailboxes and web browsers from spam, malware and zero-day threats.

Enterprise Mobility + Security

Designed as the ultimate security package for businesses, EM+S includes Intune, Azure Active Directory and Azure Rights Management. It’s the 3-in-1 security solution that helps protect company data, employee identities and company-owned devices without compromising on productivity.

CallSwitch Business

CallSwitch Business is our comprehensive, full feature set platform providing advanced call function capabilities to all. It allows CRM integration and includes the CallSwitch Desktop and Mobile App. CallSwitch Business offers state-of-the-art hardware and a very generous call bundle.


CircleLoop is a modern, flexible and reliable replacement for your business phone system. It enables an in-office experience for all mobile workers, remote teleworkers and business travellers, using the device of their choice – be it a smartphone, tablet or PC. Easily bring your entire phone system together with simple yet powerful desktop and mobile apps, so you can work anywhere you like.

Call2Teams global gateways

Call2Teams global gateways provides a simple link between your existing PBX and the Office 365 Teams platform. It enables organisations to run Microsoft Teams alongside their existing phone system or unified communication infrastructure without the need to make any new hardware investment. It allows an enterprise to simply subscribe to the Call2Teams cloud service that will integrate existing infrastructure and services via an online portal.

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